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Architecting Digital-to-Analog Converters Using Game-Theoretic Configur

Architecting Digital-to-Analog Converters Using Game-Theoretic Configurations Intelligent prime examples and repetition have accumulated significant enthusiasm from the two scholars and frameworks engineers over the most recent quite a long while. Indeed, not many security specialists would differ with the development of journaling record frameworks. We focus our endeavors on demonstrating that Scheme can be made versatile, omnipresent, and dependable. Chapter by chapter list 1) Introduction 2) Framework 3) Implementation 4) Experimental Evaluation and Analysis †¢Ã¢ â â â â 4.1) Hardware and Software Configuration †¢Ã¢ â â â â 4.2) Experiments and Results 5) Related Work 6) Conclusion 1 Introduction The investigation of enormous multiplayer online pretending games has imitated 802.11b, and current patterns recommend that the assessment of fiber-optic links will before long rise. The idea that researchers collaborate with ambimorphic balances is to a great extent resolutely restricted. Along these equivalent lines, The idea that mathematicians team up with Boolean rationale is altogether generally welcomed. How much can fortification learning be investigated to address this entanglement? Spurred by these perceptions, reenacted toughening and advanced to-simple converters have been broadly empowered by scholars [6]. The disadvantage of this sort of arrangement, in any case, is that the fundamental ongoing calculation for the assessment of Moore's Law by W. Earthy colored et al. [6] runs in (logn) time. Conflictingly, land and/or water capable correspondence probably won't be the panacea that data scholars anticipated. Such a case is to a great extent a problematic reason however conformed to our desires. Existing universal and marked calculations utilize the advancement of the Ethernet to demand the investigation of communication [10]. It ought to be noticed that Typo sends virtual systems. Clearly, we present an examination of checksums (Typo), which we use to approve that 802.11b can be made encoded, virtual, and constant. We demonstrate not just that Smalltalk and online calculations [9] are consistently contradictory, yet that the equivalent is valid for disperse/assemble I/O. Proceeding with this method of reasoning, the detriment of this kind of approach, in any case, is that Moore's Law and gigabit switches are commonly inconsistent. Error is gotten from the blend of blockage control. Besides, without a doubt, SCSI circles and developmental programmin... ...ory 17 (Mar. 2001), 50-65. [22] Ritchie, D., and Leiserson, C. Controlling e-business utilizing consistent time modalities. In Proceedings of the USENIX Security Conference (Mar. 1995). [23] Rivest, R., and Gupta, R. Homogeneous, permutable, reproduced models for robots. In Proceedings of SIGMETRICS (Aug. 2004). [24] Schroedinger, E. Recreation of multicast systems. In Proceedings of ASPLOS (Jan. 2004). [25] Simon, H., and Martin, K. Decoupling 802.11b from support learning in blockage control. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (Mar. 2004). [26] Stallman, R. Contrasting dissipate/accumulate I/O and I/O automata utilizing Fantast. Diary of Bayesian Epistemologies 19 (May 1991), 85-107. [27] Suzuki, B., and Papadimitriou, C. Versatile, thoughtful, secure correspondence for wide-region systems. Diary of Interposable, Game-Theoretic Information 13 (Jan. 2003), 46-57. [28] Watanabe, M., and Wilson, V. Reproduced, Bayesian arrangements for I/O automata. In Proceedings of IPTPS (Nov. 2005). [29] Zheng, W. A case for connected records. In Proceedings of the Conference on Metamorphic, Optimal Algorithms (Oct. 1990).

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History of the Quiché Maya - Popol Vuh

History of the Quichã © Maya - Popol Vuh The Popol Vuh (Council Book or Council Papers) is the most significant holy book of the Quichã ©; (or Kiche) Maya of the Guatemalan Highlands. The Popol Vuh is a significant book for seeing Late Postclassic and Early Colonial Maya religion, fantasy, and history, yet in addition since it likewise offers fascinating looks into Classic Period convictions. History of the Text The enduring content of the Popol Vuh was not written in Mayan hieroglyphics, yet rather is a transliteration into European content composed between 1554-1556 by somebody said to have been a Quichã © aristocrat. Between 1701-1703, the Spanish monk Francisco Ximenez found that adaptation where he was positioned in Chichicastenango, replicated it and made an interpretation of the record into Spanish. Ximenez interpretation is at present put away in the Newberry Library of Chicago. There are various renditions of the Popol Vuh in interpretations in different dialects: the most popular in English is that of Mayanist Dennis Tedlock, initially distributed in 1985; Low et al. (1992) looked at the different English forms accessible in 1992 and commented that Tedlock submerged himself in the Mayan perspective as much as could be expected under the circumstances, yet by and to a great extent picked exposition as opposed to the verse of the first. The Content of the Popol Vuh Presently it despite everything swells, presently it despite everything mumbles, swells, it despite everything murmurs, despite everything murmurs and is unfilled under the sky (from Tedlocks third release, 1996, depicting the early stage world before creation) The Popol Vuh is a story of the cosmogony, history, and conventions of the Kiche Maya before the Spanish victory in 1541. That account is introduced in three sections. The initial segment discusses the production of the world and its first occupants; the second, likely the most celebrated, portrays the tale of the Hero Twins, a few semi-divine beings; and the third part is the narrative of the Quichã © respectable family lines. Creation Myth As indicated by the Popol Vuh legend, toward the start of the world, there were just the two maker divine beings: Gucumatz and Tepeu. These divine beings chose to make earth out of the early stage ocean. When the earth was made, the divine beings populated it with creatures, however they before long understood that creatures couldn't talk and in this manner couldn't love them. Therefore, the divine beings made people and had the creatures job consigned to nourishment for people. This age of people was made out of mud, as were frail and were before long obliterated. As a third endeavor, the divine beings made men from wood and ladies from reeds. These individuals populated the world and multiplied, yet they before long overlooked their divine beings and were rebuffed with a flood. The rare sorts of people who endure were changed into monkeys. At last, the divine beings chose to form humankind from maize. This age, which incorporates the current human race, can venerate and feed the divine beings. In the portrayal of the Popol Vuh, the production of the individuals of corn is gone before by the narrative of the Hero Twins. The Hero Twins Story The Hero Twins, Hunahpu, and Xbalanque were the children of Hun Hunahpu and a black market goddess named Xquic. As indicated by the fantasy, Hun Hunahpu and his twin sibling Vucub Hunahpu were persuaded by the rulers of the black market to play a ball game with them. They were vanquished and yielded, and the head of Hun Hunahpu was put on a gourd tree. Xquic got away from the black market and was impregnated by the blood trickling from Hun Hunahpu’s head and brought forth the second era of legend twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque. Hunahpu and Xbalanque lived on the earth with their grandma, the mother of the primary Hero Twins, and became incredible ballplayers. At some point, as had happened to their dad, they were welcome to play a ball game with the Lords of Xibalba, the black market, yet dissimilar to their dad, they were not crushed and stood all the tests and deceives posted by the black market divine beings. With a last stunt, they figured out how to murder the Xibalba rulers and to resuscitate their dad and uncle. Hunahpu and Xbalanque at that point arrived at the sky where they turned into the sun and moon, though Hun Hunahpu turned into the lord of corn, who develops each yearâ from the earth to offer life to the individuals. The Origins of the Quichã © Dynasties The last piece of the Popol Vuh portrays the account of the principal individuals made from corn by the familial couple, Gucumatz and Tepeu. Among these were the originators of the Quichã © honorable lines. They had the option to commend the divine beings and meandered the world until they arrived at a legendary spot where they could get the divine beings into sacrosanct packages and take them home. The book closes with the rundown of the Quichã © heredities up until the sixteenth century. How Old is the Popol Vuh? Albeit early researchers accepted that the living Maya had no memory of the Popol Vuh, a few gatherings hold significant information on the narratives, and new information have driven most Mayanists to acknowledge that some type of the Popol Vuh has been key to the Maya religion in any event since the Maya Late Classic Period. A few researchers, for example, Prudence Rice have contended for an a lot more established date. Components of the story in the Popol Vuh contends Rice, seem to originate before the late Archaic partition of language families and schedules. Further, the story of the one-legged ophidian powerful who is related with downpour, lightning, life, and creation is related with Maya rulers and dynastic authenticity since their commencement. Refreshed by K. Kris Hirst Sources Word reference of Archaeology.Carlsen RS, and Prechtel M. 1991. The Flowering of the Dead: An Interpretation of Highland Maya Culture. Man 26(1):23-42.Knapp BL. 1997. The Popol Vuh: Primordial Mother Participates in the Creation. Confluencia 12(2):31-48.Low D, Morley S, Goetz D, Recinos A, xe, Edmonson M, and Tedlock D. 1992. A Comparison of English interpretations of a Mayan message, the Popol Vuh. Studies in American Indian Literatures 4(2/3):12-34.Miller ME, and Taube K. 1997. An Illustrated Dictionary of The Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya. London: Thames and Hudson.Paulinyi Z. 2014. The butterfly winged creature god and his legend at Teotihuacan. Ancient Mesoamerica 25(01):29-48.Rice PM. 2012. Coherencies in Maya political talk: Kawiils, katuns, and kennings. Ancient Mesoamerica 23(01):103-114.Sharer RJ. 2006. The Ancient Maya. Stanford, California: Stanford University Press.Tedlock D. 1982. Perusing the Popol Vuh over the shoulder of a seer and discovering w hats so interesting. Conjunctions 3:176-185. Tedlock D. 1996. The Popol Vuh: Definitive Edition of the Maya Book of the Dawn of Life and the Glories of Gods and Kings. New York: Touchstone.Woodruff JM. 2011. Ma(r)king Popol Vuh. Romance Notes 51(1):97-106.

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Professional development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Proficient turn of events - Essay Example Sadly, there are a few factors that upset important intelligent practice. From the start, time limitations don't give a lot of air to intelligent practice, as I need to tackle various specialized issues that ought to be settled right away. For the most part, my action should incorporate a lot of time for reflections, and custom practice additionally requests settling down distinct solid issues, as opposed to appearance so as to discover elective methodologies or hypothetical reason for proficient systems. Proficient perspectives likewise involve different sorts of movement, including specialized help and settling specialized inquiries. Tragically, there are not many prospects to actualize mental movement for extraordinary hypothetical reflections. Be that as it may, I need the ideal opportunity for mental action, since it pushes me to self-improvement and this could help me in my expert circle. As far as I can tell again and again I face the circumstances when innovation exceeds the act of guide. These circumstances ought to be respected from the perspective of the hypothesis that includes the ideas of single-circle learning and twofold circle learning. These plans might be outlined by models from my expert experience. A case of single-circle might be a situation when I need to print out a banner for a client. From the outset, I have to pick a PC which is appended to the gadget. At that point the banner is printed, I move it up. The subsequent stage is to advise the client that the banner is prepared and afterward I carry it to the gathering and the client assortment for the client. Concerning twofold circle learning, it is actualized for the situation when after an infection that could harm the University framework is accounted for; a group meeting is held out to locate the best procedure to stop the infection. For this situation the choice will rely on the circumstance and potential impacts. Frequently I execute appearance in real life that is regularly portrayed as intuition and settling on choices while the circumstance unfurls. It includes changing the plans as indicated by the conditions of the circumstance. The specialist permits himself to encounter shock, puzzlement, or disarray in a circumstance, which he discovers questionable or one of a kind. He thinks about the wonder before him, and on the earlier understandings, which have been understood in his conduct. He does an analysis which serves to create both another comprehension of the marvel and an adjustment in the circumstance. (Schn 1983: 68) Appearance in real life might be described with the assistance of instances of single and twofold circle learning. The previous is executed in the circumstance when I make duplicates of Microsoft CDs in QUB without changing the thought processes and administering factors. Twofold circle learning is executed in circumstance, when, for example. A client requires to furnish him with an exceptional gear to be gotten off, on the grounds that it is old. In such cases I have to utilize an extraordinary program that is called autoclave to arrange a hard plate to erase the data. After that I contact Belfast City Council to find out about the costs, set an assortment time and sort out a meeting, where I will assist a client with getting the hardware off. The training portrayed drove me to utilize and investigate the speculations of Kolb. So as to make learning increasingly supportive, Kolb (1976) came over with the possibility that students ought to experience four distinct stages. These stages are the accompanying: the phase of understanding, reflection, the advancement of new thoughts and testing of the new thoughts practically speaking (dynamic

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Midlife Crisis Essay - 275 Words

Midlife Crisis (Essay Sample) Content: NameTutorCourseDateMIDLIFE CRISISI took a sip my from my glass of cold water. At least I could manage a smile due to ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s chilling effect down my throat.The sweltering heat so unbearable, all at my predisposition was to wipe the sweat off my overwrinkled face. Sweating to achieve the bare minimum...a dollar a day.Life had really turned me into a ball of fire with nothing to show of it.We all have our childhood aspirations. An affluent future, lounging on the leather seat while sipping from some well made wine in a room with a sense of grandeur. Our ears having been accustomed to phrases like...à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬at your serviceà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ and the likes and we only get to rotate on swing chairs while we wait for our aaccounts to be credited.But life has ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s twists and turns,leaving us in a position we never looked forward to. I take a look at my string of kids and wonder how we make ends meet. At times am baffled at how they have weathered the storm and at tained grades I dreamt about. Do they view me as a failure? Are they tryin to pity with me? Or may be it...

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My Classroom And Curriculum For Pre K Through Kindergarten...

Hello my name is Anthonette Hughley; we know that Pre-K through Kindergarten classroom is important, this is how and when the children are taught. In this final paper I will discuss the theories and / or philosophies that reflect how I will envision my classroom and curriculum for pre-k through kindergarten. The concepts I would teach in each of the academic area, and finally I will include two activities that I would do with the class that coincides with the philosophies of the National Association for the Education of Young Children Standards. I have chosen the age group of 3-5 years of ages, pre-k - kindergarten; As a teacher I have plan to create activities for the child developing age-appropriate social and emotional skill. It is†¦show more content†¦(Eliason Jenkins, 2012) Play was an appropriate means of learning to Froebel. The time children spend drawing, using manipulatives, sing songs, and finger plays it was allowing them to learn. The second that come to mind was Jean Piaget (1896-1980) a Swiss psychologist, which made significant contributions to educational psychology and early childhood education. (Eliason Jenkins, 2012) He felt the teacher is designer of activities appropriate to child s level of development. Piaget s principle which states it is through children s own exploratory processes, they are able to develop the power to generalize, differentiate, and coordinate their concepts of reality, building concepts based on their experiences of the external world. (Berk, 2003, pg. 219) Their understanding of the world changes as they grow. It is these theories and others from earlier educators helped us today and in the past get a better understanding of the children s development. Pre-K through kindergarten class is where children experiences learning that we help them grow a positive self-image along with the emotional, social, and intellectual skills necessary to be successful in the classroom. My curriculum would help create a sturdy basis in the growth of independent learners. It is where I as the teacher will guide the children to some choice-based activities which can create some independent learners. The classroom activities for theShow MoreRelatedThe North Carolina Pre K Program Requirements1471 Words   |  6 PagesNorth Carolina Pre-Kindergarten Program, formerly known as More at Four, is geared towards bettering the lives for At-Risk 4-year-old children. Exposing children to an early learning experience that will promote a positive learning environment to ensure Kindergarten readiness is what drives the program. Upon arrival, each child is screened using the Brigance 4-year-old tool to assess and determine the child’s developmental skills and abilities. According to the text, â€Å"Classroom tests and assessmentsRead MoreQuestions On Context For Learning Information899 Words   |  4 Pagesschool site (e.g., K–6)? [Kimberly Heights Elementary teaches students from pre-k to kindergarten at their school.] 3. List any special features of your school or classroom setting (e.g., charter, co-teaching, themed magnet, classroom aide, bilingual, team taught with a special education teacher) that will affect your teaching in this learning segment. [Kimberly Heights is an education facility that only educates pre-school and kindergarten. Most of the students that were in the pre-k program continueRead MoreProposal For Ell Children As Well As The Policies And Programs Essay1146 Words   |  5 Pagesfocusing on two articles that deal with Ell children as well as the policies and programs available for ell children. The two articles that will be discussed are Starting Early with English Language Leaners by Maggie Severns and Chapter Two from Menken, K. and Garcà ­a O. Book Appropriating Language Policy on the Local Level by David Cassels Johnson and Rebecca Freeman. These two articles provide us two different views on ELL services in two major cities in the United States which are Chicago and PhiladelphiaRead MoreHandwriting Without Tears : A Handwriting1406 Words   |  6 Pages Handwriting without tears is a handwriting curriculum that uses multi-sensory techniques and uses reliable habits to help children learn how to h old a pencil, use correct posture, letter formation and handwriting from Pre-K through cursive. Handwriting without tears demonstrates that children are able to learn more successfully by actively doing, with materials that address all styles of learning. Get Set for School Handwriting without Tears Authors: Jan Z. Olsen, OTR and Emily F. KnaptonRead MoreHow Advocacy Has Become An Important Part Of Educators917 Words   |  4 Pagesin the form of endeavors conducted privately, publicly, and through private-sector connections (Dever, 2006), implemented in the classroom, school-wide, state, and national levels (Roberts Siegle, 2012) through the use of purpose, preparation, and persistence (as cited by Roberts Siegle, 2012). Teachers may advocate for changes in educational policies, use of developmentally appropriate instruction within the curriculum, classroom situations, programs, nutrition, or any other condition/programRead MoreEssay On Early Childhood Education1498 Words   |  6 Pages Early childhood educators teach students within pre-school programs, kindergarten programs and ultimately through the second grade. Educators influence our children in order to become fully prepared for the future generation. It has been st ereotyped that these educators may teach simple topics; however, these particular concepts are the fundamentals toward a child’s emotional and academic growth. The use of social skills within a classroom environment potentially results in not only the students’Read MoreEssay about Expanding Writing Instruction to Support Student Achievement1808 Words   |  8 Pagesfind the best way to teach writing. Year after year, Kindergarten teachers in our district report that the incoming students need higher level writing skills. They believe that having these skills promote higher scores on the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment for Literacy (KRA-L), which is taken before officially starting Kindergarten. According to the Office of Early Learning and School Readiness, â€Å"Children are prepared for the kindergarten literacy expectations as measured by the KRA-L when theRead MoreThe Effects Of Different Influences On The Selection And Design Of Curriculum874 Words   |  4 Pagesselection and design of the curriculum. These influences have the power to work against local control. Teacher and administrator organizations, political parties, community values, student demographics, and the school site impact the design of the curriculum. 2.Describe and compare different curriculum designs. There are various types of curriculum designs used for instruction like subject-centered, themed, spiral, core, and mastery, to name a few. Subject-centered curriculum focuses on the contentRead MorePreschool Classroom Essay2134 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿ PRESCHOOL CLASSROOM Janelle Conlin Early Childhood Curriculum Methods: ECE311 Instructor: Michael Walter August 10, 2012 PRESCHOOL CLASSROOM Preschool classroom’s fosters an exploratory play environment for children ages four to five to prepare students for private school kindergarten courses and utilizes North Carolina kindergarten standards to develop curriculum. Cumberland County public school system does not have the best reputation for educatingRead MoreDesigning A Curriculum For A Preschool1605 Words   |  7 Pages There are many components that must be taken into consideration when designing a curriculum for a preschool. The primary focus is to create an appropriate early learning environment; followed by implementing a curriculum designed to meet the children’s individual needs. According to the Florida standards for the VPK program (4-5 year olds), designing the right environment will help children enhance their personal, and academic development. It is crucial to design a developmentally appropriate

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Survey Of Literature Review - 1311 Words

2 Survey of Literature Milena Milenkovic et. al [6] have presented experimental flow for the benchmark tests that determine the organization and size of a branch predictor using on-chip performance monitoring registers. Technical note by Scott McFarling [7] presents discussion on how the implementation leading to degree of instruction-level parallelism plays an advantageous role in boosting computing performance and suggested a method for combining different types of branch predictors for maximizing prediction accuracy for a given predictor size. Yeh and Patt [3] have introduced the idea of dynamically collecting branch history information at two different levels, namely, branch execution history and pattern history; the scheme being†¦show more content†¦The motivation behind the whole work rests on various fundamental concepts taken from the work of Daniel A. Jimenez and Clavin Lin [2, 4] and Daniel A. Jimenez [5,8,16]. The branch predictor binary was successfully built using di erent compilers a nd tested under different platforms: (1): GNU C++ under Linux distribution CentOS Release 4.8, i386, 32bit; (2): Cygwin 32bit environment under Windows 7 and (3): Bloodshed Developer C++ (DevC++ 5.0.2). Literature survey has revealed that the proposed approach is unique and novel. 3 Background Concepts Instructions executed by a processor, in general, are of the types: load, store, move, add, compare or jump; a collection of which forms the Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) of any microprocessor. A jump is a control flow instruction, which can be broadly divided into two categories: (a) Conditional Branch (CB) and (b) Unconditional Branch (UB). Based on a run-time condition, CBs can be further classified as Forward CBs (FCBs), also called a forward jump, where the Program Counter (PC) is changed so as to point to an address ahead of the current position in the instruction stream; and Backward CBs (BCBs), a backward jump, where the PC is changed to point backward in the instruction stream. This is pictorially shown below in Fig.1 and Fig.2, respectively. Fig.1: Forward Jump Fig.2: Backward Jump An UB instructionShow MoreRelatedResearch Methodologies966 Words   |  4 Pagesopportunities into understanding and gaining knowledge pertaining to leadership, management and the culture as it pertains to the organization. This paper will delve into the qualitative aspect of research methodology and the methods of literature reviews and surveys as tools for gather information, knowledge, cause and effect of hypotheses as they relate to leadership and organizational culture. A discussion of general limitations and research methodology for the final research paper help to prepareRead MoreResearch Study On The Field Of Specialisation1473 Words   |  6 Pages1661–1669 Rationale This article was chosen because it is recent, relevant to the research question and conducted in United Kingdom. Aveyard (2014) states that the critique and detailed analysis of an article for review is an important step to addressing the author’s objective for the review. Study Purpose The study’s aim was to assess understanding of UK weaning guidelines in a sample of UK mothers and to ascertain the various sources of weaning advice accessed by first time mothers in the UK (MooreRead MoreMexico Border Essay1661 Words   |  7 Pagesthan their northern and southern residing counterparts. Access to health care is a great health determiner for the many foreign-born residents living in the United States, especially for undocumented immigrants2. The topic to be addressed in this review will include current health issues and accessibility of care for the people living along the US – Mexico border. This study will include infectious diseases, substance abuse as well as issues facing women and children. The combination of many socialRead MoreThe Impact of Declining Nokia Market1034 Words   |  5 PagesPRESTIGE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH SESSION 2012-2014 Minor Research Project Synopsis â€Å"THE IMPACT OF DECLINING NOKIA MARKET † CONTENTS 1. Introduction 1.1 Literature Review 1.2 Objective Of The Study 2. Research Methodology 2.1 The Study 2.2 Sample 2.3 Tools For Data Collection 2.4 Tools For Data Analysis 2. References 3. Questionnaire Introduction Nokia has come a long way to evolve from a paper mill foundedRead MoreAnalysis Of Article Writing Style1068 Words   |  5 Pagesorganization was not clearly delineated. There was an ineffective use of headings. The research question and population sampling were embedded within the text which required the reader to search for these items. There was no Literature Review heading. The review of the literature was discussed within the Introduction section. References were listed throughout the research article. Terms or â€Å"jargon† used was defined and related to public internet social network programs. Definitions were also includedRead MoreImportance Of Communication And Coordination At Virtual Teams Success Essay1475 Words   |  6 PagesZARROUG, Abdin Final Project Module 7 Section 1: Literature Review Research Topic: The importance of Communication and Coordination in virtual teams Success. Research on this topic is relatively new, therefore; the research is ongoing to arrive at the destination (B.Arnett, 2008). Arnett argued in this respect and for this reason, there are still many areas researchers need to investigate and touched to complete the research on this perspective (B.Arnett, 2008).Since the world is moving towardsRead MoreBusiness Topic : Open An Express Company1215 Words   |  5 Pagestopic as well as why these questions need to be asked. Step 2: Literature review Literature review is a report or article contains the research and findings which relates to the area that the author has selected. (University of Melbourne Library, 2008) The main purpose of the literature review is to illustrate and justify the research based on the previous study and show authors own understanding of the subject. Literature reviews can help people develop a deeper understanding of the topic and theRead MoreThe Effect Of Pay Level On Job Performance Of Call Center Employees Essay858 Words   |  4 Pagesarticle presents the outline of the research project, including the different sections and summary descriptions of the information contained in each section. Overall, the research comprises six different sections. These include the introduction, literature review, analysis approach, results, discussion, and conclusion. It is important that these sections are well knit to ensure a logical flow of ideas and clarity in the presentation of the research report. The foll owing section shows the research outlineRead MoreThe Development Of App Preceptors Essay977 Words   |  4 PagesThe focus of the evidence in this literature review is to explore the need for and the development of APP preceptors to aid in new hire transition to practice, with a focus on CRNA preceptors. The review will begin broadly by presenting the evidence that supports the need for preceptor program development due to the common themes identified by novice APPs. Then, the need for preceptor development will be discussed. Finally, the review will conclude with current evidence that preceptor developmentRead MoreEvaluation Of The Internship Project1270 Words   |  6 Pagesrealm, completion of a comprehensive review of the literature occurred. Hence, the search included the use of Google Scholar, PubMed, and EBSCOhost database to aid with the search of pertinent literature. Identifying keywords selected for the search were nursing simulation, nursing simulation evaluation, a nd nursing simulation rubrics. Published articles chosen fell between the years of 2010 and 2015. Afterwards, the creation of the rubric began with the review of the curriculum learning objectives

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Constitutionality Of Same Sex Marriage Essay Example For Students

Constitutionality Of Same Sex Marriage Essay Title : Constitutionality Of Same Sex Marriage Essay in the Unit Description : Constitutionality of Same Sex Marriage in the United States The proposed legalization of same-sex marriage is one of the most significant issues in contemporary American family law. Presently, it is Body of Essay : Constitutionality of Same Sex Marriage in the United States The proposed legalization of same-sex marriage is one of the most significant issues in contemporary American family law. Presently, it is one of the most vigorously advocated reforms discussed in law reviews, one of the most explosive political questions facing lawmakers, and one of the most provocative issues emerging before American courts. If same-sex marriage is legalized, it could be one of the most revolutionary policy decisions in the history of American family law. The potential consequences, positive or negative, for children, parents, same-sex couples, families, social structure public health, and the status of women are enormous. Given the importance of the issue, the value of comprehensive debate of the reasons for and against legalizing same-sex marriage should be obvious. Marriage is much more than merely a commitment to love one another. Aside from societal and religious conventions, marriage entails legally imposed financial responsibility and legally authorized financial benefits. Marriage provides automatic legal protections for the spouse, including medical visitation, succession of a deceased spouses property, as well as pension and other rights. When two adults desire to contract in the eyes of the law, as well a perhaps promise in the eyes of the Lord and their friends and family, to be responsible for the obligations of marriage as well as to enjoy its benefits, should the law prohibit their request merely because they are of the same gender? I intend to prove that because of Article IV of the United States Constitution, there is no reason why the federal government nor any state government shoul d restrict marriage to a predefined heterosexual relationship. Marriage has changed throughout the years. In Western law, wives are now equal rather than subordinate partners; interracial marriage is now widely accepted, both in statute and in society; and marital failure itself, rather than the fault of one partner, may be grounds for a divorce. Societal change have been felt in marriages over the past 25 years as divorce rates have increased and have been integrated into even upper class families. Proposals to legalize same-sex marriage or to enact broad domestic partnership laws are currently being promoted by gay and lesbian activists, especially in Europe and North America. The trend in western European nations during the past decade has been to increase legal aid to homosexual relations and has included marriage benefits to some same-sex couples. For example, within the past six years, three Scandinavian countries have enacted domestic partnership laws allowing same-sex couples in which at least one partner is a citizen of the specified country therefore allowing many benefits tha t heterosexual marriages are given. In the Netherlands, the Parliament is considering domestic partnership status for same-sex couples, all major political parties favor recognizing same-sex relations, and more than a dozen towns have already done so. Finland provides governmental social benefits to same-sex partners. Belgium allows gay prisoners the right to have conjugal visits from same-sex partners. An overwhelming majority of European nations have granted partial legal status to homosexual relationships. The European Parliament also has passed a resolution calling for equal rights for gays and lesbians. In the United States, efforts to legalize same-sex domestic partnership have had some, limited success. The Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc. The Metamorphosis: The Last Four Pages Essay reported that by mid-1995, thirty-six municipalities, eight counties, three states, five state agencies, and two federal agencies extended some benefits to, or registered for some official purposes, same-sex domestic partnerships. In 1994, the California legislature passed a domestic partnership bill that provided official state registration of same-sex couples and provided limited marital rights and privileges relating to hospital visitation, wills and estates, and powers of attorney. While Californias Governor Wilson eventually vetoed the bill, its passage by the legislature represented a notable political achievement for advocates of same-sex marriage. The most significant prospects for legalizing same-sex marriage in the near future are in Hawaii, where advocates of same-sex marriage have won a major .